A significant investment, and an Augmented Reality Deal, all in a week

Last week, KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. (KABN:CSE) received subscription agreements for C $2,970,000 investment. 9 million shares issued at $0.33 with half-warrants at $0.37. Read the full release here.

The whole team, in particular CEO Ben Kessler…

The team demonstrated what we can do

Our CEO, Ben Kessler, successfully hosted a KABN Systems North America Product Showcase and I would like to share some notes. Please watch here!

My personal favorite highlights:

“we didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just added better tires…”

David Lucatch, co-Founder and President.

“we provide an Integrated Suite of solutions…”

We are seeing the liberalization of online identity

It is the adaptation of technology that what was originally a video gaming online presence. Now with innovation, it can be applied to all of your online activities, enhancing the consumer experience through loyalty and safety.

Gamification can create long term engagement with a product or service as it creates…

Liquid Avatar

A Liquid Avatar is a high quality, blockchain secured online version of you! Create, Secure & Share a fully customized digital version of you.

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