KABN Virtual Showcase a success!

The team demonstrated what we can do

Our CEO, Ben Kessler, successfully hosted a KABN Systems North America Product Showcase and I would like to share some notes. Please watch here!

  • Users spent an average of fifty minutes in these presentations
  • Our senior management fielded more than thirty hard-hitting audience questions over the duration of the Showcase
  • This Showcase highlighted our excitement for our Liquid Avatar by demonstrating features KABN will be introducing in the future.
  • Management and control of online identity is increasing in importance every day.
  • KABN ID is a direct comparison to the following AIS (see below).
  • This gives huge credence to KABN ID, a sense of market affirmation of this process. We are all running a marathon together. And we want to push away the cheaters and scammers, by running faster.


1.) SHIFT4 (ticker:FOUR.nyse) went public in June and surged on debut, gaining 46%.

SHIFT4 IPO Prospectus

A Liquid Avatar is a high quality, blockchain secured online version of you! Create, Secure & Share a fully customized digital version of you.