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Cryptocurrencies just endured an intense, if somewhat typical couple of weeks of booms and plunges. NFTs came along for the ride in the spotlight. The question becomes, will NFTs play a role as a safe haven HODL amongst the digital asset classes?

It is important for me to admit I have no expertise in cryptocurrencies. In fact, the more I learn the more it becomes apparent that intelligent, well-researched individuals and teams are reaching expert conclusions that often contradict each other. Non-fungible tokens are a part of the same ecosystem, representing a digital asset in…

by Tom Kennedy (


Last week, the Aruba Health Pass began a trial period. This pass leverages blockchain technology for travellers to access hospitality sites safely in Aruba during a vacation. The key here is the passenger shares NONE of their private information, except that they are safe to enter.

On May 5, 2021, a partnership between blockchain startup Indicio, aviation regulatory body SITA, and the Aruba Health Department announced trialling a new health pass with safe traveller credentials. SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology.

Air Travel has suffered during the pandemic

NFT market shows normal signs of maturing. Wow this is fast.


We have made our point about valuation of individual pieces of digital art. I think collectibles and art pricing will be primarily driven by the sophisticated collector. Like with any bull market, there will be speculators who have no idea what they are doing but they have a right to participate.

Not surprisingly, artists and collectors are learning how to communicate with their audiences with more success. The investment landscape is maturing as well. This is a real market, not a fad.

Safe Harbour

Tom Kennedy has been remunerated by Liquid…

Non-fungible tokens are establishing themselves in the mainstream, disrupting experts and launching valuation discussions. As with any market, buyers and sellers will ultimately be the judge.


As the debate rages over non-fungible tokens, it has become clear there are two sides. There are innovators who see vast potential, collectors and investors who are drawn in, and all manner of fans of these digital assets for a wide variety of reasons. There are also the detractors and naysayers, who speak to bubbles, valuation challenges, and bystanders who try to make facile comparisons to traditional asset classes and use words like “fad”…

Best-in-class, scalable technology solutions that exceed customer expectations are in high demand.


2020 saw a rush of adoption and evolution in eCommerce and online presence, not created by but fuelled in pace by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By sector we are referring to technology, and fast-growing subsectors digital identity and verification needs and facilitations, the financial technology space, and all eCommerce interactions in this next internet era. Fintechs are consistently part of challenger banking now, or neobanking, upending the oligopolistic traditional financial services practice. This sector is bringing along fast-moving partners and symbiotic cutting-edge solutions that meet and…

A significant investment, and an Augmented Reality Deal, all in a week

Last week, KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. (KABN:CSE) received subscription agreements for C $2,970,000 investment. 9 million shares issued at $0.33 with half-warrants at $0.37. Read the full release here.

The whole team, in particular CEO Ben Kessler and President David Lucatch, worked extremely hard over the past many weeks to liaise with the investor, a U.S. Family Office and foreign investors, to assist with their analysis and become vetted as innovators.

These investors focus on undervalued tech investments and creating long term strategic partnerships. This is why…

The team demonstrated what we can do

Our CEO, Ben Kessler, successfully hosted a KABN Systems North America Product Showcase and I would like to share some notes. Please watch here!

My personal favorite highlights:

“we didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just added better tires…”

David Lucatch, co-Founder and President.

“we provide an Integrated Suite of solutions…”

RJ Reiser, Chief Business Dev Officer.

How do we know it was a success?

  • We had over one hundred participants over the two days
  • Users spent an average of fifty minutes in these presentations
  • Our senior management fielded more than thirty hard-hitting audience questions over the duration of the Showcase

Comparable analysis is even more challenging in a rapidly advancing market.

This is due to three important reasons.

1.) Every company in a non-mature industry is finding their unique growth route.

2.) Most comparable companies are private, and thus hard to analyze.

3.) It is hard to find relevant market data in a market that is constantly expanding.

That said, no point in giving up on a challenge. This research report will be the first in an ongoing series on Comparables.

From the Corporate Release:

“KABN Systems NA Holdings Corp. through its wholly owned subsidiary KABN Systems North America Inc. …

We are seeing the liberalization of online identity

It is the adaptation of technology that what was originally a video gaming online presence. Now with innovation, it can be applied to all of your online activities, enhancing the consumer experience through loyalty and safety.

Gamification can create long term engagement with a product or service as it creates motivation and participation from the user. Gamification drives engagement between the user and the product and services the company provides by involving elements of game play such as user profiles or avatars, points scoring and rewards, and competitions with others.

We are part of a mission to deliver a critical…

In this issue, I will demonstrate how KABN is relevant to the virtual sports and online gaming world.

As well, introduce a new periodical in our research: The KABN Market Update — insights in a constantly shifting environment.

Lastly, and most importantly, our “Interview of the Week” with CEO of KABN Systems NA, Ben Kessler.

KABN NA is emerging as a force in a period of a tough combination of confusion, nervousness, and uncertainty.


1.) Chinese giant Tencent saw a rise in earnings of 26% Q/Q for first quarter earnings (Fiscal year end is Dec. …

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