SITA x Indicio x Aruba: taking Covid passes and travel a revolutionary step forward with self-sovereign identity.

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by Tom Kennedy (


Last week, the Aruba Health Pass began a trial period. This pass leverages blockchain technology for travellers to access hospitality sites safely in Aruba during a vacation. The key here is the passenger shares NONE of their private information, except that they are safe to enter.

On May 5, 2021, a partnership between blockchain startup Indicio, aviation regulatory body SITA, and the Aruba Health Department announced trialling a new health pass with safe traveller credentials. SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology.

Air Travel has suffered during the pandemic

This has been an historic period for air travel. Many industries and jobs rely on travel, and this is very true of the tourism industry.

According to the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) data:

Figure 1: Air Travel ground to a halt in 2020

Aruba Makes for an excellent Trial to learn from

If air travel is way down, then Aruba has been hit really hard. With three quarters of its GDP derived from tourism, and mostly from the US, Aruba represents a relatively controlled environment to launch a health pass that integrates travellers with foreign restrictions. Aruba is also an island with finite entry points. The economic importance will place priority on installing a strong system as quickly as possible. The fact that the trial was reportedly conducted with volunteers at an international poker tournament is fitting for a country looking for a full house.

The blockchain allows for building a safe travel ecosystem

The Aruba government plans to issue a digital credential to the traveller, in essence the equivalent of an ink stamp in a traditional passport, that the traveller can present to a hotel or a restaurant, meaning the credential is something that goes with the traveller and is backed by the issuer (Aruba).

In reverse application, the Aruba government will have trusted hotels and restaurants who have opted-in to this program, who will request proof of the Aruba Health Pass. Now, the restaurant knows you are a “safe traveller” when you enter, you know they’re a “safe establishment” but you do not have to give them your home address or any other personal information you do not wish to share. The blockchain allows the user to control their identity.

This is why Liquid Avatar has partnered with Indicio

This is the first time we will have seen Indicio’s ecosystem in action, and it is a big development for travel. We partnered with Indicio for the creation of the Liquid Avatar ecosystem. We intend to bring this product to market later in 2021 and will be sharing exciting details with stakeholders in the future.

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